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The Asbestos ALERT PRO is the world's first range of devices capable of monitoring and warning in real-time if asbestos has been released into the air.

ALERT is capable of distinguishing asbestos fibres from other non-asbestos fibres in the air with 99% confidence and works across all types of asbestos (amphibole & serpentine).


ALERT is not intended as a replacement of existing regulations or traditional air monitoring - rather ALERT offers an extra level of safety with real-time warnings and a granularity of detail never available before.

Now you can know if asbestos containing materials have been unintentionally disturbed, damaged or degraded with age and if they are releasing toxic fibres into the air.


Armed with intelligent data ALERT helps mitigate risk, increases efficiency, saves costs and ultimately it helps save lives.

Improve asbestos safety & management.

Make data-driven decisions.

Real-time asbestos data.



Stand-alone real-time airborne asbestos monitor. Download data via USB



IoT connected real-time airborne asbestos monitor. Data via CONNECT


Data Portal

Real-time access to data. Manage units, notifications, projects, users & reports

Award Winning, Patented, Life-Saving Technology

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