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Designed to rapidly detect asbestos risk in the real-time the ALERT PRO uses brand new, world first, patented light scattering and paramagnetic fibre re-orientation technology to reduce the risk posed by asbestos.

Realtime Alarms and Warnings

The ALERT PRO is the first and only product in the world to detect and distinguish asbestos fibres in the air in real-time, initially providing a warning and subsequent alarm when a statistical confidence of 99.7% is reached.

A Brand New Dataset

Up to now the management of asbestos risk has always relied upon concentration based data to guide decisions, the ALERT PRO offers a new time-stamped dataset that enables users to identify individual peaks and troughs throughout sampling periods.

Short Term and Sporadic Asbestos Release

The ALERT Pro is able to detect short term and sporadic releases of asbestos that traditional air monitoring may not. The ability to provide real time warnings and alarms for even the shortest releases of asbestos is vital to reducing the risk asbestos poses.

No Specialist Training Required

The ALERT Pro has been designed with ease of use in mind, within 2 clicks users can be sampling the air for asbestos. With an easily navigated, intuitive, user interface users can run tests, download data and reduce risk very easily.

Battery and Mains Powered

With the ability to run off both battery and mains power, the ALERT PRO can be used as a portable asbestos detector or left in situ, with remote monitoring enabling longer term trend analysis and reporting.

Continous Performance Monitoring

Everytime the ALERT PRO is turned on a series of tests are completed to ensure the unit is operating correctly. These tests include but are not limited to the review of laser alignment, airflow and power. If any of the tests fail the user will be notified with guidance being provided.

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