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The ALERT CONNECT portal provides users and stakeholders with the ability to control, to manage, to report and to access asbestos information in real-time anywhere in the world.

A New Type of Asbestos Data

CONNECT takes the timestamped data that the ALERT PRO CONNECTED produces and makes it accessible, useable and in turn valuable. Users can tag specific events, group datasets for ease of management, highlight warnings and alarms and importantly make efficient data driven decisions.

Activity Based Risk-Management

The ALERT PRO CONNECTED can detect short term and sporadic releases of asbestos like we have never been able to before, the CONNECT portal provides users with the ability to understand and review the why, the when, the who and the what may have led to the release.

Remote and Scheduled Sampling

The CONNECT portal gives users the ability to schedule and remotely run tests from anywhere, anytime, without having to be with their ALERT PRO CONNECTED unit. Remote tests can be delivered in line with a planned schedule or in an ad hoc nature as required.

Bespoke Dashboards

Different people need access to different data at different times, the CONNECT portal gives users the ability to create bespoke dashboards and add them to their personal homepage. Dashboards can be edited to include as much or as little detail as is required.

Project and Access Management

Asbestos data is a vital tool in managing the risk it poses, but the ability to manage and control access is also valuable. With an emotive subject matter, controlling what individuals can access is sometimes necessary, as such CONNECT provides users the ability to tailor access according to requirements.

Custom Reporting

Generate time, location or unit specific downloadable reports that provide a clear and concise overview of the data you want to see, when you want to see it. All reports are configurable with users being able to add, remove and re-order the automatically generated content.

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