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Alert Technology Ltd commenced trading in January 2017 following the receipt of private equity investment in December 2016 when it was officially ‘spun out’ from The Select Group of Companies Ltd.

Alert’s team are passionately committed to providing safe air for the working environment. As a business, our mission is to lead innovation in asbestos detection technology helping to reduce the risk of prolonged exposure and its related diseases.

Following years of academic and commercial research and product development, the first ALERT model (ALERT PRO1000) is now commercially available through our distribution network around the UK, Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia and North America.

Designed to provide a ‘first line of defence’ ALERT is a supplementary safety technology which provides an extra layer of protection. Not intended as a replacement to traditional concentration-based air monitoring – ALERT provides valuable real-time warnings and very important time and date-stamped data reporting short-term sporadic releases of fibres during the monitoring period. This data (not available via traditional time-based concentration methods) enables proactive, activity-based risk management for the first time ever.

Real-time proactive health & safety monitoring has been adopted across most other sectors of occupational and environmental safety – but until ALERT the asbestos sector has lacked this real-time capability.

Portable and easy to use, the ALERT has been designed to provide an early warning when asbestos-containing materials have been actively disturbed releasing fibres into the air. This life-saving equipment will allow the appropriate corrective safety precautions to be undertaken without delay with the intention of reducing risk of prolonged exposure and providing a vital first line of defence for people both working and living in environments containing asbestos.

A second IoT-connected model (ALERT PRO2000) is planned which will include wireless communication and GPS connected to a cloud-based data platform. Additional future models have already been identified for further development and the scope for industry-specific models is broad.

The idea for ALERT was born at Select reflecting a real-world problem faced by the trades who are Select’s core customer base. The Select Group founded by Alan Archer in 1988 to supply the construction merchant sector with innovative, unique products continues to support and provide valuable contacts and connections with Alert as well as sharing a number of Company Directors but as ALERT was so unique, technical and focused entirely on airborne asbestos the decision was made to spin Alert out of Select.

Alert Technology Ltd

“Coming from a construction industry background and having lost friends and former colleagues to asbestos-related diseases it is our aim, and my personal ambition, to help improve safe living and working environments by reducing the risk of unnecessary asbestos exposure with ALERT and ultimately help to save lives.” – Alan Archer, Founder & Exec Chairman, Alert Technology Ltd

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