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With asbestos safety it is important to protect yourself and others from exposure. The HSE has a number of task manuals for those working with asbestos, and many asbestos safety products are available from a number of specialist suppliers. We remind you that you should only carry out works with asbestos if you have the right training. (For a list of training providers, visit TICA/ACAD)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) For Asbestos Safety

For supplier, please see our list below.

  • Overalls – You will need protective overalls, preferably disposable overalls. The HSE recommends the use of Type 5 (BSE EN ISO 13982-1). The reason is that cotton overalls can hold asbestos dust and if contaminated, they would need specialist laundering. If you are working outside, you may need waterproof overalls. You should keep the overall legs over your footwear. You will need to dispose of overalls and other clothing as asbestos waste. IMPORTANT: Do not take used overalls home for washing or you risk exposing your family.

  • Gloves – Use disposable protective gloves. If you need to use latex gloves for the work, the HSE recommends using only the low protein powder-free latex gloves.

  • Footwear – Boots without laces are best for asbestos safety as disposable footwear covers could be a slipping hazard. Laces make it difficult to clean the boots properly afterwards.

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) For Asbestos Safety

Respirator – Only use equipment with an Assigned Protection Factor of 20 or greater.

  • For short durations and those without stubble or beards, you can choose disposable, half-mask or semi-disposable respirators (check with HSE for the appropriate standards of asbestos safety).

  • If you need to work for long durations or if you have a beard or stubble, you will need a powered respirator.


Please note that proper training is required for everyone using RPE and fit testing needs to be arranged prior to work starting.

Other Asbestos Safety Equipment

Depending on whether you are carrying out licensed or non-licensed work with asbestos, you will need a variety of other types of equipment.

Some of the more common items you will need are a Class H vacuum cleaner, a drill cowl, warning signs, plastic sheeting, asbestos waste containers and clear polythene sacks.

Asbestos Safety Equipment Suppliers

Trade Counter Direct: Supplies respirators and other safety equipment.

Seton: Supplies safety wear including gloves, footwear and coveralls.

Greenham: Safety and and workplace supplies, including respirators, footwear, coveralls and other supplies.

Deconta UK Ltd: PPE, technical equipment, safety and decontamination equipment.

Asbestos Safety Protocols

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