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Asbestos Sectors
Asbestos Sectors
Asbestos Sectors
Asbestos Management
Asbestos Sectors
Facilities Management
Asbestos Sectors
Asbestos Sectors

Your Sector

Activity based risk management

Activity based risk assessments

Asbestos removals prioritization

Reduce risk & cost of cross contamination

Efficient emergency response

Operative / removal technique review

Leak monitoring

Process assessment to reduce risk

Reduced downtime based on potential risk

Permit to work access controls & review

What other benefits does ALERT offer?

The ALERT PRO range is the world’s first and only real time asbestos detection and monitoring equipment. Patented technology that uses light scattering and the paramagnetic re-orientation of fibres provides 99.7% confidence in the presence of asbestos when an alarm is triggered

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