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Helping you make the most effective decisions with real-time airborne asbestos data

Asbestos remains the world's biggest occupational killer, leading to entirely preventable terminal diseases which claim 250,000+ lives every year.


Now access to real-time, time-stamped data exists to show exactly when asbestos has been disturbed, damaged or degraded and its toxic fibres released into the air.


The Asbestos ALERT PRO Range are the world's first and only devices capable of monitoring and warning in real-time if asbestos is disturbed and becomes airborne.


This vital early warning helps prevent prolonged asbestos exposure and enables activity based risk management. Identifying short term or sporadic releases of asbestos which traditional sampling is unlikely to pick up - ALERT provides a brand new data set to empower and enable decision makers.


ALERT's intelligent data helps mitigate risk, increase efficiency and ultimately save lives by providing vital real-time early warnings and a granular level of information to reduce risk and minimise liability, contamination and scaling project costs.

The World's First Range of Real-Time Airborne Asbestos Monitors & Alarms

Asbestos Sectors


Asbestos Sectors


Asbestos Sectors


Asbestos Sectors


Asbestos Sectors


Asbestos Sectors


How can I best protect my people?

Activity based risk management

Activity based risk assessments

Asbestos removals prioritization

Reduce risk & cost of cross contamination

Efficient emergency response

Operative / removal technique review

Leak monitoring

Process assessment to reduce risk

Reduced downtime based on potential risk

Permit to work access controls & review

What other benefits does ALERT offer?
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