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Activity based asbestos risk management

ALERT monitors the air in real-time providing time-stamped data so users can see exactly when fibres have been released and when an asbestos warning or alarm has occured.


Visibilty of this data (alongside the alarms) allows users to develop an understanding of the risk asbestos poses when undertaking certain tasks, even if the release of fibres is only sporadic or short term.


Now users can identify the peak risk and makde data-based decisions regarding the necessity of certain tasks or whether a safer alternative can be found or put other mitigations in place.

Who Benefits?


Asbestos Consultants
Facilities Managers
Asbestos Removers
H&S Managers
Waste Facility Managers

ALERT Vs Current Methods...

Traditional air monitoring only provides an average concentration of fibres, usually over many hours.

As a result, activities which release short bursts of fibres might fail to impact the total fibre concentration when looking at a longer sampling session.


This could lead to activities releasing asbestos, but the risk never being identified with tradition methods.

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